inspiration post 2#


1901 is overrated

i thought it would be nice to do an inspiration post
which i've realised many prefer
so here you go, lovelies :)
GET INSPIRED and have a good day/evening/night!



time is ticking, ticking at an incredible rate

currently craving for some milk mochi
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i haven't eaten these for three weeks. Oh how i dearly miss the silky chewy outside and the nice creamy filling (tastes like a perfect combination of orange and cream). WHERE ART THOU MILK MOCHI?
*stomach rumbles*
When mochi is back in stock i'll send some to you lovely readers because everyone just has to try some!
Daisy Lowe
Yes, another girl crush!
She's the new face of Marc by Marc Jacob and i find it so ironic that Daisy has the same name as the Marc Jacob Fragrance (Daisy, what a yummy perfume) HAHAHAHA.And is it just me or does she resemble a lot like Emma Roberts? She makes me what to cut my fringe like hers and her voice is less huskier than Alexa Chung. I just adore british & stylish people.
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I have a blonde joke too, well my friend told me and i dont get it. I know, i know i am terrible slow, care to explain?

There were three chicks, an Asian, a brunette and a blonde. The Asian had a Vegemite sandwich for work today but said, 'I hate Vegemite! If I have another one of these tomorrow, I'm going to die.

The brunette had a Vegemite sandwich for work today and said the same thing as the Asian, 'I hate Vegemite! If I have another one of these tomorrow, I'm gonna die.' The blonde had a Vegemite sandwich too and said the same thing as like Asian and the brunette.

The next day, they all die. The Asian's husband said, 'Oh, I didn't know she hated Vegemite.' The brunette's husband said the same thing as the Asian, 'Oh. I didn't know she hated Vegemite.' Whereas the blonde's husband said, 'She made her own lunch.'
i seriously dont get ittttt!



hello all!
i'm currently listening to

song samples on itunes and MAN OH MAN

is his voice absolutely charming or what? HAHAH
it's not my kind of music but i recommend
all to
check it out as it made my heart throb. :D:D
on the topic of things i love,
she's such an inspiration

ahh so lovely!
anywho, i'm off to study.



for your bright eyes.

eww talk about overdose on cheese and corn, haha
but whatever de leo&casper love you guys X 1000000
so you know when you go shopping and there always amazing
pretty dresses and then you you want to buy it, but then you
rethink again and ask yourself, when and where am i going
to wear this dress? Well thankfully, Melbourne has Emirates
Stake Days and i definitely want to go this year. So here are
some dresses that i have fallen in love with..

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sisters backwards = sretsis alexander pleat dress (AU$680)

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i just realized i only choose one shoulder dresses! Tell me about some dresses that you think will be great for the event

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And i finally watched Breakfast at Tiffany's properly. IT IS LIKE THE MOST ABSOLUTE BEST MOVIE I EVER WATCHED. I love how Audrey Hepburn could be so elegant while she's drunk. And she is really a massive style icon when you see her getting dressed. The classic black dresses, the diamonds, the wayfarers & the massive hat.Whatmore could i say? She is the best dresser of all time
And the english spoken back then was so graceful and it kind of sounded like the french language.Therefore i highly recommend you watch it because you'll definitely enjoy it as much as i did!

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My sister came home from the market with a working kid sewing machine and it was only $4!And it also means i can finish up the skirts i started making, YAYYYYY. Isn't it cute? Oh how i love vintage stufff!

okay, i'm off to study for a maths test. linear relations why are you so difficult?



sugar honey mustard ice cream

my first couple of days back to school were not that bad.
although yes i did have some trouble adjusting back to 'school mode'
and i do feel kinda weird but after a week, i'll be okay.
however, my first day back was horrible of course.
i felt lost, foreign and scared primarily because i had science and maths on my first day back. :S:S
that night, i slept @ 2 am.
the next day was much better, i had food tech.
i made choc chip cookies and they were so goooooood
first out of the ovennnnnn HAHAHH they tasted like subway cookies YUM! that night, i slept @ 12.
the next day, was a combination of bludging and short periods.
that night, i slept @ 12.

as you can see, i've had late nights and i've had so much trouble getting back into school mode.
can anybody recommend some methods or ideas to feel better about myself?
thank you, goodnight and heres the inspiration for today.




Don't you just loathe the feeling of having so much fun and it abruptly has to end, all because you have to go back to school? GOSH, I LOATHE SCHOOL. Surely, yes I do love school from time to time but I've been stuck in LAZY MODE the last two weeks that I've been on holidays and now it seems impossible to get out of. These holidays were probably the best I've had this year and I didn't want them to end, but sadly, school begins tommorow. Gah, assignments and homework. For all the other students who are returning to school, GOOD LUCK!


send our readers - anonymous and public ones, the people who comment on our blog and our VERY LOVELY 41 followers, my love - THANK YOU! You've made my blogging journey absolutely amazing - who would have thought two girls whose heads are in the clouds would get this far!

thank you alllllllllllllllll

now i'll have to get ready returning back to hell
Sorry, I meant school.